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Design Optimization
& On-Demand Digital Manufacturing

Leverage our AI-driven lattice optimization and on-demand digital manufacturing solutions to create high-performance, cost-effective products.

What You Can Do on Go Additive Platform

Maximize Product Performance and Efficiency with Our Next-Generation Manufacturing Solutions

Thermal Optimization

Maximize energy efficiency and enhance the performance of your products with our AI-driven lattice thermal optimization.


Digital Manufacturing

Bring your innovations to life with our on-demand digital manufacturing services, ensuring quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

Structural Optimization

Achieve lighter, stronger, and more durable designs through intelligent lattice structural optimization tailored to your unique requirements.


AI Optimization

AI Optimization

Upload a CAD File

Submit your design file securely through our platform.

Define Optimization Objective

Specify your objectives for lattice-based thermal or structural optimization.

Get your Optimization Result

Receive AI-generated lattice optimization results with detailed insights.

Order Online or Download Design

Order your optimized lattice parts for production or download the design file for further modifications.

Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing

Upload a CAD File

Provide your design file for manufacturing analysis.

Receive Manufacturing Analysis

Get a comprehensive assessment of your design's manufacturability and estimated costs.

Manufacturing Begins

Approve the analysis, and we'll start the manufacturing process using state-of-the-art technology.

Parts are Shipped

Your high-quality, precision-engineered parts will be delivered.

Benefits and Value of Go Additive Platform

Experience the transformative power of our AI-driven lattice optimization and on-demand digital manufacturing solutions.

Cost Reduction

Significantly reduce production costs and enhance resource efficiency with optimized lattice designs.

Enhanced Performance

Create lighter, stronger, and more efficient products with our intelligent lattice optimization algorithms.

Faster Time-to-Market

Streamline your manufacturing process and bring your products to market faster with our end-to-end solution.


Tailor your designs to meet specific performance requirements using our advanced optimization tools.

Success Stories

Case Studies

Discover how Go Additive has transformed businesses across various industries with our AI-driven lattice optimization and digital manufacturing solutions.
Industry: Medical
Application: Tooling

Case Study 1:

Revolutionizing Medical Tooling: A New Era of Efficiency

Discover how our AI lattice thermal optimization technology guaranteed uniform temperature distribution on the mold cavity, resulting in a 40% reduction in cooling time, 30% cost reduction, and improved quality aesthetics and dimensional stability for a medical tooling application.

Application: Tooling
Industry: Automotive

Case Study 2:

Driving Automotive Innovation: The Future of Sheet Metal Tooling

Learn how our structural optimization and digital manufacturing solutions helped an automotive company reduce lead time from one week to one day and cut costs by 70%. By replacing steel tooling with optimized nylon and carbon fiber components, we minimized material waste and streamlined production.

Application: Prototyping
Industry: Aerospace

Case Study 3:

Soaring to New Heights: Accelerating Aerospace Prototyping

Uncover how our platform enabled an aerospace company to produce 10 different designs at just 10% of the traditional cost and reduce lead time to one day. By utilizing additive manufacturing, we replaced a multi-step process involving CNC machining, sheet metal shaping, and welding, resulting in faster and more efficient prototyping.

Go Additive


Embracing Sustainability: Reducing Environmental Impact Through Innovation
2023 Sustainability Goals:
1 GJ
Energy Saving
1 Kg
CO2-Eq emissions

Resource Efficiency

Our AI-driven lattice optimization enables the creation of lightweight and efficient designs, reducing material usage and waste during production.

Energy Savings

Optimized lattice structures contribute to enhanced thermal management and energy efficiency, promoting a more sustainable future.

Digital Manufacturing

On-demand digital manufacturing reduces the need for large inventories, minimizing overproduction and waste. By manufacturing parts only when needed, we support a more circular economy.